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RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison Group-Building Grant to the National Peace Corps Association

From the early days as the National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, a volunteer organization based in Omaha NE, to today’s staffed National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) office in Washington DC, it has been important to us to have an umbrella organization that provides a national presence for RPCVs – one with real impact that we could not achieve as separate, disconnected groups. Since 1988, we have used the calendar proceeds as a way to support the NPCA.

  • 1986: Events from 25th Anniversary of Peace Corps in Washington DC raised sufficient funds for the National Council to decide to make the move from a Midwest-based office to Washington, DC, becoming the National Peace Corps Association.
  • 1988: The first International Calendar was produced (which means we started working on it in 1987). A royalty of $0.25 per calendar was paid to NPCA to use the logo.
  • 1992: The first year we made a small profit on the calendars, and began thinking about how to broaden the social impact of the calendar proceeds.
  • 1996: Legal issues around the logo meant that we stopped using it on the calendar, and royalty payments ended.
  • 1999: We began giving a set amount from calendar profits to NPCA. That amount has grown from $1,000 to a high of $10,000 annually.
  • 2007: We began asking NPCA to use the funds specifically for group-building purposes, to identify the purpose in writing, and to prepare an end-of-year report. That amount is now identified as 10% of the calendar year’s profits.
  • 2008: 2008 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2009: 2009 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2010: 2010 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2011: 2011 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2013-2014: 2013-2014 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2014: 2014 NPCA Grant Final Report
  • 2015: 2015 NPCA Grant Final Report



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