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Freeze for FoodActivities | Freeze for Food

Join the RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison for our
37th annual Freeze for Food on Saturday, March 3, 2018
Run or walk to raise funds to support food programs of Madison’s
Open Doors for Refugees!


Open Doors for Refugees is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the resettlement of refugees in the Madison area and welcoming them into the community. All proceeds from Freeze for Food will be donated to food relief efforts.

Our race is never cancelled due to weather.


The 5K race is held in the scenic Vilas Park roads and sidewalks and other nearby roads at the northern part of Lake Wingra. The 10K race circles Lake Wingra and passes through the Arboretum. Both races start and end at the Vilas Park Shelter, 1602 Vilas Park Dr., Madison, WI.

You’re not a runner, but want to help? Great!

Sign up for a volunteer shift using SignUp Genius, both before and on the day of the race. We can use the help.

Help us get out the word by sharing the 2018 Freeze Brochure, which can also substitute as a 2-sided tri-fold brochure (print 2-sided, flip on short side).





Recent Year’s Runner Placement:


2012 Freeze for Food, start of the 5K

Past Year’s Results

A Short History of the Freeze

The Freeze for Food has been a labor of love for the RPCVs of Madison. Through the years it has been passed on from member to member to manage as a fundraiser for food security projects. After the International Calendar began making a profit (around 1992), a certain amount from calendar sales has been allocated to supporting the expenses of the Freeze – currently at the rate of $1,000 per race. Following is a short history of the event’s managers and fund beneficiaries. Of course, many RPCVs (whether group members or not) and friends have played a huge role on race day to help with the details, usually around 30 people getting together to enjoy a crisp winter day.

  • 1982: Wade DallaGrana (RPCV Lesotho 1976-1978) started the Freeze for Food. The group was raising money for Oxfam, and Wade was a runner; he put 2 and 2 together, and started the fundraiser. Wade’s last race was 1990.
  • 1990: Deb Stapleton managed the Freeze for the next four years.
  • 1994: Dave Hamilton took over for another 4 years through 1998.
  • 1999: Peter Joyce and Rick Lackey (Micronesia 1982-1984) took it up. Peter noticed the burnout working with Oxfam and that as a global organization, Oxfam really did not know what we were doing. He proposed to the Board that we work with a local group instead of Oxfam, thinking that they would have a better connection, and could provide us with people on race day. Someone stated that we should work with one of the Madison Sister City projects. We asked all 6 or 7 groups to make us a one page proposal. Only two groups responded: Working Capital for Community Needs (WCCN) and Colombia Support Network (CSN). CSN’s was the better of the two.
  • 2011: Kate Schachter (RPCV Ghana 2004-2007) agreed to manage the Freeze, not wanting to see it fade away when Peter and Rick decided it was time to step aside. However, she needed help with the planning, not just on the day of the event. Jack Laun (co-Director of CSN and RPCV Panama 1967-1969) agreed to co-chair the planning. Other RPCV and CSN members were also brought into the planning team.
  • 2016: Stephanie Shelton (RPCV Tonga 2012-2014) and Tom Felhofer (RPCV Malawi 1988-1990), both committed Freeze volunteers and runners for several years, agreed to take on co-chair with CSN.
  • 2017: Because of the increase in the refugee crisis in Syria, as well as other countries worldwide, Steph and Tom presented an alternate beneficiary of the Freeze funds to the Board. Open Doors for Refugees, formed in Madison, was selected. Madeline Uraneck (RPCV Lesotho 2004-2009) from Open Doors assists with the race details.





Year Runners Expenses $$$
Race time weather
2017-Mar 4 273 $6,138 $3,233 36⁰F; winds ESE 18 mph, no snow or rain; partly sunny; clear pavement
2016-Jan 23 282 $3,012 $5,600 31⁰F; winds SW 10-11mph with a 17mph gust during the 10K, no snow or rain; clear pavement
2015-Jan 17 200 $1,634 $3,776 40⁰F; winds SW 9-10mph with 21mph gusts; light drizzle during 10K; clear pavement
2014-Jan 18 143 $1,176 $2,588 17°F; 10 mph winds; snow flurries during 5K; cleared snow on most of the run, except up the Edgewood College hill
2013-Jan 23 183 $580.33 $3,096 43°F; 20 mph winds, with strong headwind on last section of 10K; mostly sunny; no ice
2012-Jan 21 110 $994 $2,061 12°F; 0-2 mph winds; sunny; 3“ of snow the day before was well plowed before race time; footing was slippery, but consistent; no ice
2011-Jan 22 137 $1063.99 $2,659 12°F; windy; 1“ new snow
2010-Jan 23 205 $907.60 $3,439 35°F; all pavement, no ice/snow
2009-Jan 24 117 $820.26 $2,378 5°F; no wind, hard snow on pavement
2008-Jan ? 83 $551.19 $2,085 0°F; 20 mph wind, icy, frigid cold
2007-Jan ? 160 $382.83 $2,795 25°F; no snow on pavement
2006-Jan ? 180 $770.02 $3,443 32°F; 3 inches fresh snow, sunny
2005-Jan ? 70 $688.63 $1,474 10°;F; v windy, 10 inches fresh snow
2004-Jan ? 75 $668.19 $2,574 20°F; 2 inches fresh snow, patches of ice
2003-Jan 25 129 $700.52 $2,824 20°F; windy
2002-Jan 26 200 ? $3,300 50°F; warmest FFF
2001-Jan 20 167 $500.00 $3,338 20°F; sunny, no snow; classic freeze
2000-Jan 22 120 $628.13 $2,901 25°F; cloudy; snow on ground
1999-Jan 23 ? $733.81 $2,200 33°F; cloudy; rainy
1998-Jan 24 ? ? $3,544 26°F; mostly cloudy; 0.06″ snow; SW winds 7mph
1997-Jan 25 ? ? $3,000 1⁰F; sunny; no snow; NW winds 5mph
1996-Jan 27 ? ? $2,400 9⁰F; mostly cloudy; no snow; SE winds 6mph
1995-Jan 28 ? $575.00 $2,773 24⁰F; mostly cloudy; 0.01″ snow; NW winds 15mph
1994-Jan 29 40 $350.00 $815 26⁰F; cloudy; no snow; SE winds 12mph
1993-Jan 23 ? $366.25 $865 26⁰F; cloudy; 0.02″ snow; SW winds 13mph
1992-Jan ? 56 $300.00 $831 5⁰F; sunny; no snow; NW winds 15mph
1991-Jan ? 108 $300.00 $1,474 25⁰F; mostly cloudy; no snow; SW winds 15mph
1990-Jan 27 106 $275.00 $1,205 25⁰F; partly sunny; NE winds 10-12mph
1989-Jan 28 81 $256.00 $1,076 45⁰F; sunny; no snow; SW winds 10-15mph
1988-Jan 23 98 $291.56 $1,621 11⁰F; cloudy; 0.03″ snow; S winds 5mph
1987-Jan ? 78 $246.08 $1,300 25⁰F; cloudy; no snow; little wind
1986-Jan 11 80 $203.82 $920 40⁰F; cloudy; no snow; SW winds 16mph
1985-Jan 12 110 $196.10 $2,042 -9⁰F; sunny; no snow; NW winds 21mph
1984-Jan 14 89 $144.69 $839 1⁰F; sunny; no snow; S winds 17mph
1983-Jan 15 106 $104.50 $622 -11⁰F wind chill; sunny; clear skies; NE winds 12mph
1982-Jan 23 45 $70.00 $335 -38⁰F wind chill; mostly sunny; 0.12″ snow; SW winds 35mph
TOTAL TO-DATE (2017): $22,645+ $84,139



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